Gain and Loss

by LazyEyez

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released May 30, 2014

Lyrics by: Russy White, Lunick, nafla
Mixed by: Pluto
Cover art by: Won-J



all rights reserved


Young Creation Los Angeles, California

An artist collective based in Koreatown, Los Angeles

LA기반 한인 크루

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Track Name: 16s
Hustle 24 on my way to my shine bright
Drinkin on the basis toast to my same nights
young soldiers all on board all around you
We ball hard till the day we fall off sayin rights
Tell me whos the sickest, my lord as my witness
Ima give em mothafuckin 2 cents for business
When I be killin this bitches trip so I pay my bill n tip
Now she thank me very much but I dont give a fuckless
Always on that walk n talk smokin in the parkin lot 40 oz nd that kush
fuck it if its dark or not Keepin it real ima do my thing
Ima hustle till my boys do they thing
Made in cali and the basic keep on
Luni ek its the new season kick off
Money over bitches ima goto grave with
This a topshelf no fake shit so embrace this

Russy White
They bitchin bout the 9-5 when u the one who decided not to live the life of rollin dice
Lifes a bitch so I throw it on the table hit it from the front
Comin for my crew? we gon start the hunt
the poor get poorer
But that aint Forever
Better grow up and man up
Or hear the words "forget her"
So I step up and lace up
Shoes got air so i layup
Away from the motherland
1.5 ya understand
Stay coastin down the street there ain't no other plan
You ain't sayin shit if it ain't to my face
But u ain't gon see me cuz yall can't keep pace
Do it for flights vacas and playdates
Until that one day we never take half days
Young cre body got our feet on the ground
You ain't a part if you aint come to get down
Track Name: Hands High
On my way to shine bright trust me on this fly night
You gotta get yo mind right no doubt I drop a single dime
I throw my fingers up twist the middle and its goes like
West west the best up young enough to prove it now
Paper chasin paper rollin just another 213
Peso grindin aint no fuckin fruntin on the true MC
Rhythm is the main theme we the men of the year
Lunick in the buildin lifted purple smokin in the air
get this ship goin til my wind blow contiue
You aint sellin shit cus my lean flow until you
Wck ass mothafuckas learn some lessons man I buckem
Stick my middle finger suck it this that youngcre avenue
I smoke a lotta weed to keep them bullshit off my head
Drinkin on the basic kick me down I break yo fuckin leg
forget a lot a shit but i could not forget the street said

Russy White
yea yea, my boys are my fam
bitches to the side, and hoes I couldn't give a damn
they all want it, the piece of pie, the higher I fly
but I stick to those who kept it real, no lie
and when you stack, the green becomes the proof
boy gotta hustle, come kick it in the booth
pocket full of change bout to change it into millions
thats the way I do it man fuck yo opinion
you think i'm done with it, i'm about reload
i'm comin for your spot no doubt i'm goin beast mode
hear the passion in my voice
young boy rolled the dice, now i'm livin the fight, and i'm in it for life
never switch, maintain and grow
so grab a drink, grab a seat, welcome to my show
all i do is win just so you know
Russy White in the game now you fuckin know


fuck em haters if thots pay no attention
an independent artist, prodigies take over
came from the side with an illegal I.D.
heavywieght on it like muhammad ALi
side dish for my side bitch
guns the tounges, the violent one, glock it lightly
shots green liquor,like chemistry 101
respect it and pay hommage
na's the name, it grows in u
fuk the color system i'm the chosen dude
put yo hands up high, i vandalized the
its nothing but an usual thing
u know i kill anything given, the veteran of it
keep 24/7 hustle every song given
no going back gotta push harder
if the homie aint part of
Track Name: Bring it Back
all my weed indoor My shit legit grown
one hit you sit blown Go get my info
youngcre we sinful kill roach n indo
LA street shit got clips out the window
Lord knows we sinner thizzles for my dinner
You fuck around I sing a killin theme n aint no realer
never leave a witness dont worry bout my bizniz
Youngcre on my back n survival of the fittest
Lunick, lazy eyes gain n loss we marchin off the map
southside california representin beast from the west
tipsytocc about the dough so I bought the dope
Ah grab yo cash stash n im out the door

1992 may the kingdom come around
please pass me crown, my peep are waiting home around
kiss my sweet ass, I'm naturally selected,
give her the d, shes attracted, spend the cheese
and get recieved
albums dropping but nothin like the 90's
every hypebeasts on that same thing its like waldos
over here,and waldos over there,
i'm on the new level aiming for a billionaire
can't you ever see that?
born and raised in los angeles, 4th street we kick it
on the fukin studio, hit it, spit it, i'm addicted
money on my mind,90's till infinity
all the verses killin', give us the mic we be monkey flippin
call me the hero, cuz i bring the real back
munching bitch ass haters, my flows be steady and still fat
like fubus and kangols, i'm new to u but know that i still keep my
swag original
Track Name: Kindness
Russy White
it takes years to paint yo image
and practice makes perfect so we scrimmage
and as I'm loookin out the bus window
I see the faces of the troubled, can i be the hero?
but I just watch, let it fill my heart, and i
applaud those who did it from the start
facin reality, the tall buildings of the city
can you grind for your dream with stability?
and i must say a part of me has become so
numb to the fact that i'm far away from home
do you see it, believe it, a ridiulous dream
but we well on our way, and Cre be the team
put my hands together, and i'm prayin for them better days
I love the hustle game, but you gotta find better ways
this is comin to you live from my mind
follow me and i'll show you the sign

so who are we exactly
will I be the same when I touch a milli
we just tryna get it
we just tryna live it
and to do anything, gotta believe it

as i'm walkin down the avenue
i ask myself, how imortant is the revenue
but either answer don't tell me what i'm about
I guess sometimes my mind never hears me out
cuz I gotta know who I am
but how many of us really understand
Peace or war, i'm here to take everything
is there real love in a wedding ring?
man, i swear i hear the birds sing
it's funny how our limit is their home
so just maybe, the sky ain't the limit
just how far we can see things, so roll it up and hit it
city light shinin bright into my face
so i lace up my chucks, and i'm steady keepin pace
life your life, or die with your story untold
this is mine, watch it steady unfold
Track Name: Fake Armani Suit
Russy White
I bet my life on this shit I got cre all armed and ready
let that sink in yo mind cuz every night we grindin steady
I showed up and I owned it, so now you're cleanin toilets
don't try to knock my hustle you can sit back and enjoy it
my life a movie, your life is stupid, whacchu work for? just to spend it
buildin it up, money what's up, ain't from the town but I'm blowin it up
same shit, different day, wakin up I got shit to say
like fuck you and your whole crew, and that's the shit that mackwon said
now.. can you rap like this, rap half as sick, wid a fat one lit
nah.. stay in school with your backpack, bitch and yo half ass shit
ah.. oh my oh my, oh Lord please have mercy
no words, i let my bank, speak to those who curse me
see the door, better turn the knob
when the cash flow, you don't need a job
23 and i'm ballin out
i'm next to shine and I rep my town
you see it? you hate it, see me? then i made it
team packed it's over, 2 years and we make it boy


My new shit should playing in her audio
You aint bout that life, fake armani suits
Q yelling they he go, Cuban links from mexico
I be watching on, waiting for my time on radio
It¡¯s the deep blue southern accent u heard
Spreading the vibe, los angeles to icy new york
Click Clock my tounge pull my taste bud trigga
Not allowed to say that , gotta grind for them figures
Whats the amount. Whats the account
People talkin about the game, we invading the sound
YC alive, you see a live.
Keep it hunnit Yall bitches surely missing a lot
Make a room for the king, royal crown my head
Give a little taste, shittin on they raps,
Muthfukas, the 1990s taking over, you payin us
Benjis coming closer
If you don't have nothing Then don't say nothing man
Track Name: Smokers Club
who dat homie lookin inside the jet
the hotspot the place where party at
white top, and bottom red
chillin nice breeze inside the private jet
comin up from the tour bus door open
last roughy nights hangovers nothin
roll da greens in a big sofa
ciroc with coke two cupped soda
chill breathe for little bit
we smokin that greens and a little sip
on that nunu, fuck a milli
multi milli or call me the billi boy
make every single history
on a next level shit you kill to see wha
a grammy nomoniee
lolipops for the hoes, give cavity

let me come and educate you
we go up up, elevate you
everdays a celebration for the
dream chasers
drink that liquor would you feel
yo potion
i dont feel that levatation
but im high as that muthafukin kite
cant see nothing, what the fuck is up
nafla came to fuck shit up

money the root to success
failures pave me the way
i came to see you, mr. frankie benji
rap money hood rich, mark my tally
stay hiphop, dont studder then all rich
maintain cuz mainstreams falling
hoes acting like hoes every minute
buy they clocks, call myself pimpin
downtown LA, sexy mama
top floor, i serve banana
or beverly hills or malibu beach
maybe hollywood signs, is nice
when dreams come true finazlie the masterplan
only came here to conquer the game
i know im the shit so its just a foreseeing
yall bitches on a wrong wrong prediction

let me come and educate you
we go up up, elevate you
everdays a celebration for the
dream chasers
drink that liquor would you feel
yo potion
i dont feel that levatation
but im high as that muthafukin kite
cant see nothing, what the fuck is up
nafla came to fuck shit up

roll one and blaze it off
rolll one till dreams come true
Track Name: Sound to your Deaf Side
Russy White
they wanna battle me, I'll win I gaurentee
shoutout to my boys hustlin bars in the 213
cuz young cre bring flavor to your ears
cuz young cre doin damage over here
now check it, boy you better never disrespect it
and now i'm too young for my passion to have melted
light it, then I write it, yall checkin out my joint
the track killin, I got it, these flows stayin on point
the booth is for truth so fake mcs better move
yall too loose but we stayin true to this groove
ha, who done did it now
they said droppin outta college would lead straight to the couch
but nah it lead straight to this moment
and more when I'm on stage killin the 58 til I'm dead and i'm gone
so no sorrow when I pass, no tomorrow make it last
we revin it up it's time to hit the pedal let it gas

young cre bring flavor to your ears
young cre doin damage over here
we stay skywalkin comin from the westside
no doubt we givin sound to yo deaf side

blocka to yo head, homie gotta pay
ma whole team ready we got no limits,
coming straight out from the dungeon
bring the dead king crown a monkey its a fukin revolution
right about time, its that right sound,
making chedda chedda the bangers no doubt
pedal to the medal the first place
murder yo life with a muthafuka mixtape
na''s flow be demolicious
yall still steady, being that same ol' biches
YC cooking new school
follow russy and do what lu do
my pens alive, scribbling and dribbling down
this is all i got, homie its crazy
yellow skin, saying hello bitch
king of the rookie ball like carmelo did
Track Name: South
acid tab, hallucinatin
cashin checks, its luzy baby
swisher and that soju and that hiphop music
southside in this bitch with me
damn she loud as fuck and its 6:50
so watch me droppin another hot
topshelf and thats all that i got
hotbox the whole block and the parking lot
my words got you chillin out, indica
uh, so who the fuckin best now
young cre on the stage and the rest out
westside yeah
we hustle till my lungs pop
i move a muscle then i watch her ass pop
hiphop doesnt stop so i got my runnin shoes on
even though im chillin but my swags gonn fool off

yeah we killin here, you feelin this?
millionaires we dealin Ps, bossin up no leaders please
comin up like no tomorrow
on my lap some bomb ass models
im havin a good time im doin it all night

Started from the trap bitch puffin on the best smoke
Talk that shit I walk that shit ridin solo west coast
This that southside gangsta party got a shit load ye pound of mary
Huge ass bong I dome to the head gang of dead body in the lobby
22 n drunk as shit burnin swisha cold bitch
LA boy on 213 lunicks fuckin home bitch
Illest fucka you know kill em all I got it bossin
shot him a minute ago but the body still bouncin
Realest flow since day one this the shit tht they want
24/7,12,1 yeah my job is well done
You reachin but im on there Im rich n you jus welfare
Smokin on that uh yeah HA my fellaz bout that warfare
Track Name: Take Notes
Russy White
when i was 2 my fam came for my dad's dream
my mom servin tables she made the ends meet
me and my bro playin ball by the school side
dreamin bout the NBA we shootin hoops all night
so where the passsion at, it's where u left it last
i believe every single day should be the best you had
took about 7 years movin out the neighborhood
dad got job in IA we went from bad to good
still a small apartment with two rooms
sent to a no ESL everybody white school
everybody's parents doctors livin in houses
but i was raised not to be moved by all the loudness
now let me jump to now my dad pullin six figures
mom a nurse she works hours based on the tax picture
good money it's hard to stay under the line
love em both, they livin the hustler shine

Relax and take notes
This ain't rappin, this is Street-Hop
take tokes of the marijuana smoke
Put your hand up that you shoot with
Throw you in a choke

hustle in my blood i'm just tryna get my own
always stay locked in i created my zone
i do new to the overdue ima get an ocean view
chillin in a penthouse got whole city view
ha, swear it gon turn into reality
dream get bigger haters turning into centipedes
nowadays they askin where the new at
but i straight kill em with that boombap
KR goin hard so they call is hardkor
got my shades on i'm in superstar mode
and on goes the encore.. yea hustle 24
got the whole team on board
3 fingers in the air for YC
we grind 이사칠 anywhere the mic be
hater see me standing where the light be
my show, yall just here to sight see

Relax and take notes
This ain't rappin, this is Street-Hop
take tokes of the marijuana smoke
Put your hand up that you shoot with
Throw you in a choke